About Tom

A little about me...



I'm a software developer. Mostly web. Mostly TypeScript and PHP. Full stack. Happy about it.

I grew up in Northern Ontario, spent most of my twenties in South Korea, and moved to Toronto in my thirties.

I like playing with computers, learning Korean, and spending time with my family.

Front End Development

Angular | JavaScript | TypeScript | SCSS

I enjoy creating anything from minimal front ends with semantic HTML and basic JavaScript, to full-featured applications using Angular and TypeScript. I know my way around the prototype chain, but prefer to use ES6 classes whenever possible.

Every day is a reminder that I'm not a designer.

Back End Development

Node | Laravel | PHP | MySQL | MeteorJS

There's a feeling that you get when you come up with the perfect way of modeling a domain. When objects seems to speak to each other. When your code reads like a best-selling novel. I live to chase that feeling.

Test are important if you test what's important.

DevOps (coming soon)

Linux | NGINX | Git | Vagrant

I have aspirations of becoming skilled in DevOps. I get a thrill out of hacking around on servers, opening and closing ports, scheduling jobs, etc.

I'd paint my room terminal green if my wife would let me.