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another post - Jan 7, 2018 [Posts]

Another post? Insane! Why have two?

To see if the formatting works, that's why. Also to see if my unicode is working. Oh wait, I haven't installed Korean on Ubuntu... one sec.

안녕하세요? There. That should be in Korean. It says hi.

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a sample blog post - Jan 7, 2018 [Posts]

This is a sample blog post. It's here for Tom to look at. Apparently you've decided to look at it, too. That's fine.

Since you're reading this, you might be interested to know that this blog post was composed in markdown. These bold words? Well, if you check the HTML you'll see that they are strong tags, but trust me, in the database they are stored as markdown.

Well... what else. Oh, please try hacking this site and letting Tom know if you are succesful. The sooner the better, right? In f...

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